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Ubhuti (AFRICA) • Dabyna Poll-Abraham • 5:00

uploaded by Play Song Download Song size: 11.5 MB Tags    #dabynasonofrock #ubhuti #xenophobia #peace #brotherlylove #nigeria #southafrica add tags to song
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Songs by Dabyna Poll-Abraham
Ubhuti (AFRICA) 5:00 • 11.5 MB
Dabyna Poll-Abraham  




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Intro: Africa, oh my Africa
There is an ancient land called Africa, Once flowing with milk and honey
Today, it’s a modern land filled with Xenophobia
Now flowing with blood and money

Freedom is knocking at the door
But I can see Africans running helter-skelter
‘Cos her children are killing one another,
For the bed and bread of their own brothers,
Now we all have to realize the root of our problems
Cos for the people still suffering, the wounds of apartheid
They have not healed, enough to understand

Ubhuti way,
Is the way we should live with one another
Its Ubhuti love
That’s the love we should give to one another

Verse 2
Women and children dying every day in Africa, all for the evils of our leaders
Cos they have sold their souls and with their puppet masters they bleed us dry,

This land is too blessed for all this killings and sufferings,
So prophet Lucky Dube cried and died, oh Lord

Still leaking wounds, from brutality
Still leaking wounds, from humiliation
Oh brothers please try to understand, please forgive and embrace one another

Ubhuti way, is the way we should live with one another
Its Ubhuti love, that’s the love we should give to one another
Its Ubhuti way, that’s the way of our fore fathers
It’s Ubhuti love, that’s the love of our fore fathers
So I can tell you now, the blood of our fallen heroes cry out

Africa please unite
For that’s the only way, to move from darkness into glorious light...

OUTRO: (they are crying)
Iyo ko ko (yo ko ko)
Iyo ko ko (yo ko ko) till fade
Shaka Zulu, Nelson Mandela

^ Contributed by
8 months ago
Ubhuti (AFRICA)
Dabyna Poll-Abraham

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